Things You Can't Do To Your Kids and a Giveaway

If I may get my stabby on for a moment?

Late last year there was a bit of hoo ha (the narky, arguing kind, not an alternative term for the word ‘vagina’) about the government funding swimming programs/lessons as part of the school curriculum.

(This is an issue that has numerous sides and I’m not going into this right now.)

During several news reports, someone – a representative of either the government, I think, from memory – stated something about “Drown proofing kids”.

This is not an uncommon term. I have seen, but thankfully not for a very long time, a swim school who use the term “drown proof your kids” as part of their advertising. I hear so many parents

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  1. (Please don’t count this comment as an entry! Just a bit too far to travel for lessons.)

    The Paul Sadler pools sound very similar to the program my kids do here – an emphasis on personal milestones, on continuity, concentration on safety skills and technique, and amazing enthusiasm from all the staff (both teachers and admin)

    Like you, I consider water familiarisation and swimming lessons absolutely compulsory – I don’t care if my kids can’t swim at Olympic speeds, but I DO care that they know how to turn around and find the edge of a pool. That they learn not to panic when they are unexpectedly under water, and that they can float as long and as economically as possible. And that they are confident, but respect that water can be dangerous.

  2. My son who is a model student, obedient, good at academics, and a huge Transformers fan. His only problem he refuses to learn to swim. He has had no bad experiences with water. But when we signed him up to his school swim lessons he gave so much trouble his teacher suggested he be allowed to stop :(. She was as surprised as I was at how much he hated it. He was scared, un-co-operative. I’m terrified that if he fails to learn to swim, he will always be in danger around water for the rest of his life. I was heartened (and hopeful!) to hear how positive your experience was. And sincerely hope that he will learn to swim soon. Am undecided whether to sign him up again as we wasted the entire amount we paid as he sat on the edges of the pool for every class after the first 3. Its a lot of money and we are a single income family with 3 kids :(.
    My daughter starts swimming at school this year, she loves the water and is eager to learn. And as far as I can see for now and we caution him! “Son, be nice to your sisters, they may have to save your life, till you learn to swim or float! Would love to give him another try at swimming in a more relaxed and positive environment.

  3. Ironically I sent an email off to Paul Sadler Swimland in Hoppers Crossing yesterday… wanting to book my 3 yes 3 kids in for lessons this year.

    My 2yr old will throw herself into water wherever it is! Her favourite thing to say is “Can we go to Thailand again Mum” because it means SWIMMING!

    My 5yr old has just learnt to put her head under and thanks to my awesomeness isn’t afraid of the water anymore! (No thanks to darling Hubby who for some reason managed to instill a fear of water into my 2 oldest)

    My 7yr old is still afraid of the water! For heavens sake I’m a bad parent and she should be a swimming like a fish by now!

    Bad experiences at a different swim school put us off… we realise its NOW or NEVER!

  4. My son, now aged 8, was meant to be a water birth. I laboured in the bath with him which i found incredibly relaxing, unfortunately had to leave the water and birth him on dry land. This may have been the first sign he was not going to easily be a fan of the water.

    As a little newborn baths were infrequent as they caused him much displeasure. Bath times for young kids is usually a fun event, playing splashing etc but not for my boy. As he grew through his toddler years into his kinder years i think we may have washed his a total of 5 times. It simply was not worth the stress.

    At age 3 we tried swimming lessons, (incidently at Paul Sadler swimland in Glen Waverley) we persisted for a term and half before we withdrew him. All he did every lesson was scream in fear and cry and cling on to me!

    Water stayed an unpleasurable thing for him for many years, until finally last year at aged 8yrs I took him myself to the pool weekly and worked on building confidence and trust with him first, before encouraging him to try to learn to swim. How excited we all were when finally he had the confidence to put his face in the water, then week by week he built up to a basic dog paddle.

    He now enjoys the water but still has much to learn in the way of swimming. But it gives me great pleasure to watch him at the beach or local pool laughing and splashing about.

  5. My daughter (now 2, going on 32) started swimming at Paul Sadler Swimland when she was 6 months old. Not only does she love it, she has already received ALL of her stickers, known as ‘dots’. She has ALREADY advanced to the next certificate, which is more common for a 3 year old. This is an amazing achievement and i truly believe that the staff at Paul Sadler Swimland have made this possible. The swimming instructors are dedicated and enthusiastic. They love what they do and they love their kids! Thanks Paul Sadler, for teaching my girl!

  6. Unfortunatly I cannot enter either as being in NE Vic we are hours away from a Paul Sadler facility.

    The Paul Sadler leaning Spud’s terrific. We my little one goes, there is no incentive, no reward for progress and lately it seems that they all just go through the motions – instructors and students. It would be wonderful if they set up in Wangaratta!

    Swimming is so important to learn. I was never a strong swimmer and always felt very unconfident in the water. Which is part of why I really wanted my little one to develop good skills in the water for both enjoyment and safety.

    Thanks for this terrific post!

  7. When I was in primary school every year we used to catch the bus down to the local pool to go swimming. I have two very vivid memories of this, the first being:
    We always had parent helpers responsible for teaching us to swim (it was a few years ago now!) and I remember this particular mum standing at the edge of the pool telling me to do freestyle, when I stopped and looked at her she was nearly wetting herself laughing at me as I was doing the overarm stroke along with the breast stroke kick and that’s how I still swim as I can’t quite coordinate my legs properly!
    The second memory involves my teacher asking me to swim the length of the pool, anyway I head off and get about half way before I start floundering and spending more time under the water than above. Eventually she dives in fully clothed and pulls me out. I meet her again about 20 years later when she was teaching my daughter and asked her about it and she couldn’t remember the incident happening (maybe it just happened all the time due to the lessons we were getting from the parents).

  8. I have two children under the age of 4 that I truly need to get into swimming lessons. After having lessons with my eldest one now 4 he was petrified to enter the water after going to such a non rewarding, pushy swim centre. He has only just started re entering the water after 2 years with some confidence but needs to learn to be safe and swim correctly

  9. My nephew has leukemia and has been taking lessons prior to being diagnosed. He loves to swim and only just is able to reenter the pool. Before being diagnosed, he would proudly show off the certificates and demonstrate with glee, the new strokes he has learned and funny stories about what had happened in the class.

    I’d love to win this prize and get him back into swimming! Noah was having lessons with Paul Sadler and let him continue to do something he loves! Thanks for this amazing giveaway, as a proud auntie, I cannot tell you how amazing I think it is that all kids learn pool safety. SO important!

  10. My girls (3 & 6) both love the water.. My eldest has been in lessons since she was 6 months old, but now needs that extra push to advance her to the next level..

    We spent New Years Eve on the beach and both the girls were in the water most of the night, which was amazing to watch and I was so proud of them, unlike their mother who is too afraid of sharks to go in beach water…lol.. (as if they come that close to shore just to eat me).. now my 6 year old is telling me she wants to learn to surf… I have told her to learn to swim first… lol

  11. Last year my son, (6y/o) would not even leave the side of the pool. We went on a holiday to Phuket and he started to slowly gain confidants. Finally he left the edge by day eight of the holiday. Once we returned home I booked him into Paul Sadler swim land and he has just gone from strength to strength.
    Paul Sadler has taught him confidants, survival methods, swimming technics with and without an aid. It has also taught him patients and working with other children outside school. The teachers are fantastic and so passionate about their craft.

    I would LOVE to win this term fee, so my son can continue the relationship we have with this fantastic swim school.

  12. Thank you all so much for your entires (and no thanks for making it so bloody hard as usual – humph!)

    Anyhoo, I’ve decided to go with Andrea – Congratulations!

    Have emailed you and will send the voucher out as soon as I hear back! Good luck with it – I’d love to hear how you go!


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