Third and Final

Family birthday celebrations for Monkey Boy’s birthday party, therefore, the need for yet more party food and another birthday cake.

I whipped up some jelly in little moulds, placed them in the outside fridge, and spilled jelly onto every shelf and their contents in the process. Tipped remaining jelly onto garden because the jelly making process had begun to piss me off.

And, as we have an Intolerant Family Member – just the one, with wheat and dairy allergies – I make a special chocolate cake for us all to share, so she may be included in the sharing.

I whipped it up, poured it into the “tray” (a fabulous Tupperware cake form that I love) with a small amount going into a muffin form for Intolerant Family Member.

Head out to supermarket for some additional necessities, leaving the Grumpy one in charge of removing cake from oven when it was ready.

Return home some time later, cakes removed from oven – however, as Grumpy has no idea how Tupperware works (“This stuff is crap, it doesn’t work!” “It does when you pu the lid on it properly!!” , the cakes had not been removed from trays.

Nor where they completley cooked.

Removed cake from tray and it crumbled onto the bench.

Fortunately, I had purchased a four litre tub of vanilla ice-cream on my travels, to have with the birthday cake, so mixed the crumbled cake into two litres of ice-cream, placed the mix into some larger moulds – two, because I had too much mix – and placed one in the inside fridge-freezer and the larger one in the outside freezer, triple checking that the door was closed, because it is a stupid door.

Grumpy grumps in, cursing and swearing and mumbling something at me about “learning to close the bloody freezer door”. The very freezer door I had triple checked.

It had opened itself and the cake/ice-cream cake for dessert was not frozen. Nor had it frozen by the time the guests had arrived and eaten and were waiting for dessert.

So we put candles on the little one, sang, dished out teensy serves of cake and sent everyone home.

Thank goodness for good wine, is all I can say.

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