This Is The End ….

Now, today, at this time seems like a poignant time to be writing this.

The last day of the week, on the last day of the month, with a blue moon.

It just seems right.

And it is not done without sadness.

In fact, it comes with whole body, heart wrenching sobs.

This year marks the tenth year that Real Mums has been going. I don’t have a date, or a time, becuase, well, that first year was fraught with all manner of fuck ups, really … a naive young mother wanting to make her mark on the world and having absolutely no bloody clue about websites.

It was a drastically steep learning curve. Not just in technology and websites, but in the very nature of building one and working with web designers, and tech geeks and a plethora of personalities. I learnt much more about communication than I could otherwise have anticipated …

Anyhoo, reflecting on these last ten years, and with the changes that have happened in terms of websites, blogs and social media, in amongst seeing the little changes I have made is the vast ocean of change I haven’t made.

I have, quite literally, been a drop in this ocean. I hope I have been the drip that made a difference to your life in some small, facetious, humorous and positive way. I sincerely hope that.

All I am now is a grain of salt in the ocean of ‘reality parenting’ stories and blogs.

I am also working outside of the home full time, and persuing other passions – or, the same passion, just on a larger scale. Or something.

I have had to reassess my time and energy, and, quite honestly, Real Mums is not fulfilling me any more … the term, those words, “real mums” have been sucked into the vortex of parenting websites and have lost all the meaning they started out being about. Reality TV shows have bastardised the original meaning behind the ‘real’ I hadf in mind, with shows like “real housewives” and … well, in a way, it has been taken from me.

I have lost control and lost my grip on what Real Mums – and real mums – was all about. It has, to a degree, turned on me. That makes me sad.

I’m not angry, or resentful. I am not frustrated, nor am I hurt.

OK, maybe a little hurt, but more in a sad way than anything else.

I don’t blame anyone, and this is sometimes the way things go.

For now, this is the end of Real Mums. If I am honest with myself, it has been coming for a while.

It is saddening.

But it needed to happen.

I will carry on posting life changing (hopefully) and insightful commentary over at Diary of a Mad Cow, … this, too, is undergoing some changes. I’m kinda, sorta, merging the two into one … but not, but am … don’t ask, just work with me here. Please?

I will keep this site here, for now, for people to access and read and hopefully gain something beneficial for yourself whilst I work out what to do with all the content.

For now, I will say

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  1. You, the things you did and Real Mums made a huge difference. That day nearly 6 year ago, after seeing you on Sunrise (maybe or some other morning show) you changed my life, my parenting perspective. You replied personally to an email that I sent screaming for help.
    Thank you and thabks Real Mums! I wouldnt have got here, today, without you!

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