Three year olds are so much fun to have around

The school holiday boredom has finally taken its toll.

On Godzilla anyway.

I think the heat and bad sleeps are having an impact, too.

And his very nature – that which is the “Drama Queen”, who can throw himself to the floor (dramatically) and sob hysterically, who can leave a room (dramatically) and flounce, distraught and sobbing, into his own room ….

The school holiday boredom, heat and lack of sleep had had its impact on me, too. The dramatics weren’t helping.

I’d had enough.

So when he appraoched with (yet another) Christmas chocolate, pre-breakfast, and said he “fought he needed one” and I foresaw the coming of (yet another) tantrum, I just couldn’t help myself.

“No, you can’t.”

“But I fought I need one” voice raised, lip wobbling.

“No, so why don’t you throw yourself on the floor and throw a tantrum about it.”


Then threw the chocolate on the floor, followed closely by his entire self, sobbing (dramatically) “I don’t wanna from myself on da floor. I don’t wanna frow a tantrum” he screamed at me as he threw himself on the floor throwing a tantrum.

Mind you, I can’t blame him at times. Especially when I overhear him being threatened by his brother.

“Do you want me to do the Macarena? I will. I’ll do it. Do you want me to? I’ll do it, I really will.”

I’d be chucking a tanty, too, if I were threatened with that.

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