Through Adversity Exhibition : A review

Am apologising up front if any of the following is unusually profound or philosophical … although, I seriously doubt much of it will be 🙂

Wow! What am amazing night.

Friday night (the one just gone) was the opening night for the Through Adversity Exhibition, hosted by Adori Studios in Mooloolaba (Sunshine Coast). I’ve known Bec, the phographer in question and the insitgator of such an exhibition, for approximately give years. Mostly online. I do know she is an incredible and amazing photographer… I don’t know much about photography, so am at a loss for words as to explain just how clever she is.

I do know that when I flew up to spend a day or two with her last month, and to have my

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  1. WOW! That photo is f&*ken AMAZING! I can feel the power…..
    Bec captured you through her eyes/lens – just a reminder that sometimes we don’t see what we truly are…. Wish I could make it to the exhibition in person but your review will have to do for now. Onya madam, you are an insiration whether you bloody like it or not! Keep being mad as hell, love your work x

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