Through Adversity Exhibition: An experience

I had to do this one seperate to the “review” of the Exhibition I just posted. Because, well, it’s my experience and not so much a review as a rambling and Diary entry of the event.

Also, apologies if there is any profoundness or wankiness in this one, too.

Am also not sure whether to thank Real Mums,

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  1. SO glad to hear you had a great time. Sorry I couldn’t make it, I was still working at ridiculous o’clock and out the door early again Saturday morning. You are inspiring. Whether you like it or not. So just shush.

  2. Amanda!!!
    I look like I have the world’s biggest camel toe! Stupid stripey pants.

    Sounds like you guys had a ball after I left. Kinda glad I didn’t join in, don’t think I do alcohol like I used to.

    Fabulous night, very empowering.

  3. Cate, I missed you there xoxo

    Dorothy – yep, that’s the point I’m trying to make (or maybe it was better said in the “review” post before this one :))

    Everyone and what they do affects others 😀 xox

  4. Thank you so much for coming and being apart of this personal project of mine.

    I think we all must realise the ripple affect we have on who and what we come into contact with.
    We all have the ability to change the world, one person at a time, and you are doing that and so are the other women who shared such an intimate part of themselves.
    Sharing stories and opening our hearts is how we can heal those around us and how we generate compassion and openiness:)
    Thank you beautiful lady 🙂 xx

  5. Haha… Loved reading this… you’ve just reminded me of what hubby said at dinner too!! I think he may have started his drinking too early… I still don’t know if I have yet forgiven him for dropping his beer bottle in the middle of Bec’s thanking me!

    The most important thing I learned from the exhibition is not to be afraid of being me… you Amanda, and every woman in the exhibition have shared what most people prefer to bury and hide. And although I was not one of the women sharing my story, I have my own story, and just being a part of it (albeit just donating the invitations) made me feel I wasn’t alone (wow, there are other people out there that have been through shitty stuff too… and OMG they are ‘telling’ people? Something I have always been discouraged from doing for fear of judgement and rejection). You all truly are an inspiration, and have honestly helped me to change my own views of myself and surrounding issues.

    I also learnt to redefine my definition of my favourite antisocial excuse word “clicky” (stop laughing Caity! :p), and not to shy from ALL groups of women! That they are not all out to collate information to use against me at a later stage. There are real women out there that are true to themselves and everyone around them… and I am so lucky to know them, and vow to be one of them! (my inspiration xoxo)

    Anke… we all loved those pants! And I am sad I didn’t get to get a pair before I left 🙁 I’ll be back up to get some real soon, camel toe or not ;p

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