Through even more adversity

Yestreday was a fairly emotional day for me. Actually, the last few weeks have been.

I’ve had some stuff going with my kids that I haven’t shared, but will when I am ready. Suffice to say my head is a whirl of thoughts, Mother Guilt, knowing I am RIGHT and did the right thing, love, furstration and a bazillion other things. And stupid husband stuff.

Let me clarify, he’s not a stupid husband, he is fabulous. Its the stuff going on with and around him that is stupid. And very annoying. Very, very annoying.

But the last few days, kid stuff aside – normal kid stuff and the other kid stuff – some incredible things have happened.

Remember a month or so ago, those photos I had done? For the upcoming

4 Replies to “Through even more adversity”

  1. I have serious concerns about my undie-packing.

    I’m starting to think it needs some kind of medication to get it under control. Just saying.

  2. Look forward to meeting you! I am one of the adversity subjects (the bald headed one on the poster!!) and am so excited to be there on opening night. It’s wonderful that you can join us!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Amanda and thank you Kellogg’s for coming to the rescue! All the kids stuff and hubby stuff will hopefully settle a bit so you can take a breath and all the dark stuff will too settle because you are on an amazing journey. Get that machete out and torch and keep them handy. Don’t let the demons win. You deserve the support and you have helped so many. I wish I could be there for the exhibition to support you and the other amazing women. Well done you!!! xx hugs Heather

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