Tired Mums shouldn't be made to read…

Second week back at school. I still haven’t got the gist of the making lunch thing, although he is managing to get to school with all the bits and pieces he requires.

Except for the ironed shirt. But I gave that up after the first six weeks of term one.

Last year.

Up early for a radio interview, and couldn’t do school dropoff.


Attempt to get some work done. Another interview with a magazine just after lunch, school pickup and a meeting. Home for shower, quick assist with getting kids into bed as had to be off to book club.

Tired Mummies should not be forced to read stories to children at bedtime.

Yes, its great bonding time.

Yes, it improves literacy in children.

And their vocabulary. Like tonight when I read I wish that I had Duck Feet.

Sometimes, especially when I’m tired, I mix the first letters of some words with the first letters with other words.

Yes, tired Mummies should not be forced to read. And sometimes you don’t want your kid’s vocab to get bigger.

“Mummy, what’s fu…”

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