To Laugh or to Cry? Or to Vodka and Lime?

Today, I lost my ability to laugh out loud.

It was, at times, a bit of a ‘meh, nothing’ day, and other parts where somewhat stress inducing.

And one bit was particularly funny. But I couldn’t laugh.

My laryngitis has kicked up several notches, and whilst it is not an uncommon ailment with me, it is the worst it has ever been.

Grumpy Pants and I, with Monkey Boy and Godzilla, wandered up to childcare to drop Chippie off for the day. Then it was off to Puckle Street to purchase a birthday gift for a party Godzilla was attending later in the morning. We bumped into a neighbour on the way home, who made a comment to two that were quite funny … and I laughed, and nothing came out.

It was quite distressing really.

From there on in, the voice got worse. Grumpy Pants went to work, taking Monkey Boy with him and dropping him off at a friend’s house for a sleepover (that bit, obviously, was not bad) and returning Godzilla home.

Godzilla was in one of his Cheery Moods, which is not much fun for someone who is wavering on Uncheery. Or, even, someone who is in a state of Average. He bounces around, sings, dances and says “penis” a lot. He is LOUD, and doesn’t realise it.

Some days, it brings a smile to your face, to see him play with such uninhibited abandon and have so much fun. Today is not one of those ‘some days’.

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  1. Oh dear, sick kids are a trial but being sick when they are not is a nightmare! I hope you feel better soon, try throwing some slice’s of fresh ginger in the honey and lemon, works a treat and tastes good!

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