To the principals office

Attend toddler swimming lessons with an air of depilatoried legs and underarms and had to force myself not to undertake some sort of supermodel catwalk thing along side of pool.

Was also able to do tossing-child-in-air thing without clasping elbows against my side, so that was good.

Dropped toddler off at childcare immediately following lessons and was greeted enthusiastically by awesome workers there. Well, technically Chippie was greeted enthusiastically with “Oh, you had swimming lessons! How where they? And your mummy has forgotten your bag. Again.”

Yes, yes she did. I must have words to his mummy.
I still don’t think it’s fair that I get the blame. Swimming /Childcare Dropoff is not on my to do list. Therefore, unless I am given the checklist, just like I have to do with everyone else every bloody morning even though “put your shoes on” and “go to school” is on their list, I have

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