Today I …


Yes, after 6 years, two babies, running and selling one business and starting another (two) I graduated!

I now officially have letters after my name – Mad Cow BApp. Sc. (Health Promotion)

I got to wear a big cape and a silly hat, get up on stage and accept a certificate, and have Grumpy not be able to work the camera properly and not get any decent photos.

I played the “but its a special ocassion” card and got some professional photos done. And now have to wait 3-4 weeks to get them.

My Graduation Dinner turned out to be me cooking dinner for the family – coz I’d left that job up to Grumpy.

So the “I’d love to go out for dinner and have all my friends there” was somehow misinterpreted.

Hmm, a Masters or Doctorate is looking good. Wonder if that will net me a proper Graduation Dinner.

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