Today – the Universe loves me

Computer issues, technical things just not working the way they are supposed to, kids behaving badly, husbands behaving even more badly … nothing, nothing has gone my way this last week.

And my dad is coming for a visit … there go the next 2 or 3 days for working. Work that is PILING up and I am disappearing in the overwhelm and the crap on my desk.

And kinder has been cancelled as the kinder teacher is not well and they can’t find a replacement. At home all day with a bored four year old. Not bad, but I really hate it when you have your day planned and this happens.

I must have been really evil in a past life!

(Some would quesiton the “past” bit, but there you go.)

But wait … what is this ….

Dad’s off to work today.

Godzilla is being picked up by a friend at 9am, and won’t be back till 3!

Things seem to be falling in to place.


Now, let me see if I can find my desk, and will get to work …

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