Tonight's the Night

Tonight is Mums’ Night Out! The long awaited night off for mums all over the place and catch up with my Real Mums buddies.

I can’t wait.

This morning, cars were packed full of goody bags, prizes and other, relevant paraphernalia.

I hung around the house and awaited the arrival of a new toy to play with during the event … 😀


Off to the venue to set up, complete set up and head home with the view of relaxing and resting and doing a final check and organising myself for the evening.

Experiencing one of those moments where the adrenaline is coursing through your body yet you have nothing to expend it on, I found the whole Rest and Relaxation Pre-Event a little daunting and hard to perform.

I find myself flicking between the playlists on my iPod, partially making cups of tea and forgetting I’d started them and wandering around the house aimlessly.

Eventually considered hanging out the two loads of washing I’d done two days ago might be a bit of a brilliant idea. You know, before the mould sets in.

Thanks to Samsung Australia for sending me the camera to play with! 😀

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