Tonight's the night!

Tonight is Mums’ Night Out! I can hardly wait! I’m so excited … I get another kid free night out and time with my awesome friends and more of that unadulterated irresponsibility!

Hurrah! My favourite kind of responsibility!

This mornings carrot sticked, vegemite sandwich preparation was somewhat less of a challenge this morning, knowing what I had to look forward to.

Of course, everything aside from the excitement I had to look forward to was normal; the shoes that reside permenantly on the coffee table when not on Godzilla’s feet were still on the coffee table, yet could still not be located by him, Chippie still felt the need to wipe his snotty nose on my jeans while clinging to my leg screaming, but only at the moments I really needed my leg and didn’t have time for clingy screaminess, and didn’t want or need me when I did have a few spare moments, and Monkey Boy presents me with a note advising me we need to present his science project early next week as we reach the “will you bloody hurry up, we are running late again point in the morning

Great, could we not find a more appropriate moment to give it to me.

Besides which … what fucking science project???!!!!

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