Tossing and turning

I didn’t sleep well last night.

As a mother, there are many, many things that prevent you from having a decent sleep; with babies it’s overnight feeds, then there’s sick kids, scared kids, been-to-a-birthday-party-and-hyped-up-then-vomitting-all-night kids, kids who are bullied, or the bullies … general worry …

Godzilla came into our bed last night. For a cuddle. Sometimes, this is indicative of some form of anxiety he is feeling, but unable to articulate. Sometimes, he just wants a cuddle. And a bit of a chat.

This chat consisted of people and animals with three legs. Because, well, what else could you discuss after he’s had a full day at school, and swimming lessons, and Italian projects on Roman Mythology that we managed to complete not only on time, but early?

Three legged beings it was. Grumpy Pants added to the discussion and many, many aspects of three legged living creatures were discussed. Mostly, how they walked … many theories were tossed about.

Of course, we couldn’t surpass the “how many bums” and “how many penises” would be involved, nor where these orifices and appendages would be located. Also, how they went to the toilet; an important consideration.

At one point, the dicsussion turned to where and how ‘herbipeds’, ‘omnipeds’ and ‘carnepeds’ walked. I serioulsy think he made these terms up, but did clarify for me that “herbipeds walked up trees and in grass” and “carnepeds walked up people and animals”.

After some time, before my head hurt to much, I sent him to bed. But then I lay awake …

Why are two legged beings called “bipeds” and the four legged referred to as “quadripeds” but three legs is “tripod”?

Why is an octopus not an ‘octoped’ ? I know ‘ped’ means foot, so what does ‘pus’ mean in this instance?

Why am I having this discussion, with myself, in bed, at 2.00a.m.??!!!!!

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