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  1. That is truly awesome! I hope his teacher from last year reads this.

    I was a bit the same when my 6 year old discovered The Avengers (although nothing like the dedicated obsession of Godzilla!) – everything revolved around superheroes. He was writing stories and drawing the most amazing pictures, even making up his own hero (a female superhero along the lines of Thor, because he thought there needed to be some balance) with a backstory.

    I think we sometimes don’t give kids enough credit for finding inspiration in the things we consider fads and junk. If something inspires creativity and piques imagination then there has to be a massive positive benefit. Even if we find the bits all over the bloody house!

  2. Fantastic!

    Who could snub their nose at a pile of trash when it does so much good? Some of them are even kind of cute.

    Good on you for just letting him go with his interest, regardless of your opinion of it, because it turned out to be a good thing for many of his friends to enjoy and learn from.

  3. My oldest had an obsession with Harry Potter. Absolutely, the most productive project he ever did at school was one involving creating a Hogwarts newspaper based on the first book – he had read this until the print almost disappeared off the pages!!
    I think there’s a lot to be said about tapping into these obsession and linking them to learning.

  4. LOL, Christie – so does HE!

    Yep, I spoke with his teacher last year – she was happy for it to happen, which I LOVE! 🙂

    Funny how there are opportunities in “crap toys” that are touted as being “a waste of time” (as though *having fun!* is a waste of time) yet we are essentially forced to pay a fortune for others because they are specifically designed or merely have the word “educational” on the label.

    I also have one on my desk, cos he’s cute! 🙂

  5. Oooh the cost of so-called “educational” and “quality” toys is another one of my fury-triggers. Right now, all I ask of a toy is that it not leave small choking hazards around for the toddler to suck on.

    In fact, small choking hazards is a whole other story that I shall post on the forum forthwith :-/

  6. This was AWESOME, tell you son I loved the song
    My 3 year old is obsessed with trashies, he carrys them in his hands all day and even sleeps holding them….I do have a 7 month old who likes to eat them :/ With the amount we have its hard to keep them away from him…They are great for rewards too 🙂

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