Totally Trashed

I emptied the washing machine of all its damp, washingy goodness and was confronted by this, lurking in the machine’s stainless steel depths:

Bloody … I thought.

The place is trashed. Totally trashed.

Trash Pack have recently released their Series 3 Trashies and Godzilla’s obsession with them has not waned in the slightest.

Although not yet owning a full set of the Series 1 or 2 Trashies, he concluded the Series 2 component with a Glow in the Dark Garbage Truck, which delayed bedtime by approximately 1 hour and 47 minutes due to many excited “Come and look at this!” squeals (from all three children) and lights being turned on and off before a severe telling off, so loud that even the neighbours turned their lights off and went to bed.

Along with new bin colours (blue, this time) series three proffers a Scum Drum, a Street Sweeper

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