Totes Prepared

My biggest and my littlest are off on an adventure.

A camp-type thing.

A something that was talked about in the littlest one’s Joey’s troop or group or mob or whatever they’re called. I don’t know. All I know is it’s related to Scouts (which is the all-encompassing term, as far as I’m concerned, although I’m sure it would make those who are far more informed about the organisation twitch and stuff).

And they went on a bus yesterday. For an overnight stay.

It is technically an event for the Joey’s, but I made my Venturer go because otherwise he’d be sitting at home, on his electronic devices and annoying the crap out of me by not doing anything and I want to him learn some valuable skills and contribute to his local community and feel good about himself and to just do something.

Or, because I’m a horrible bitch who never lets him do anything he wants.

I guess it depends on which perspective you’re coming from, really.

Anyhoo, after an horrendous, four-day-long attempt at registering the two of them, we finally got it sorted. As the date got closer, I kept sending myself reminders, inside my own head, to remember to get the kids organised for packing.

Eventually, after not receiving an email about what needed to be packed, it occurred to me that there is probably a list on the site about the event, which would provide me with all the information I needed.

In my defence, my brain is so very full at the moment, and I had been given a project, along with two days to do it in, only to have the first of those two days waiting for all the information I needed to do it, so I had to stuff two days worth of work into one day.

Along with all my usual crazy happening 🙂

I did also manage to get the packing list sorted two days before they were leaving.

It is also how I found myself at the local outdoorsy, campingy type place, post-7.00p.m. on a Friday evening, after having head into Corporate Land at 6.30a.m., exhausted and barely able to stand, to acquire such things as one may need when going on a Scouty camp-type thing.

Just so I could be prepared.

Or rather, so they appeared prepared.

I do declare I am totally rocking this life thing. Am totes prepared for anything.


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