Tough Love? Or just couldn't be arsed?

Ooh got presented with surprise, belated Mother’s Day present tickets to see Varekai.

The matinee session, commencing at 4pm. Kids coming with.

Did frantic Wednesday morning everyone at different places at same time thing again.

Picked Godzilla up from kinder, and headed straight to school to pick Monkey Boy up early so we could pick Grumpy Pants up early from his school too.

Hopped in shower, with kids – just to make life easy.

Successfully got kids dressed whilst wearing undies, socks, a bra and damp bath towel (at various points in time – it was a work in progress).

Managed to get shirt on when courier that I have been waiting a week for turned up.

Kids let him in door before I had managed to get pants on.

Set off to get Grumpy and headed to the show!

WOO HOO I looooooove these circuses.

And in all the excitement, the kids turned feral.

Godzilla just tantied for the sake of it, and Monkey Boy decided today was the day to embark, once again, on his Saying Stupid Things that I Don’t Mean But Think It Pisses You Off, So Will Continue To Say Them.

This included telling us the circus was boring. It quickly led to “I hate you” and finally, in the car park “I never want to see you again”

By this stage I was getting just a little bit over it. So left him and walked off. Which led to a discussion of “If you never want to see us again why are you getting upset, and why are you getting into the car?”

Then a discussion of considerable length about the consequences of Saying Stupid Things Just To Piss People Off and how it may, in fact, come back to bite you on the bum. Do you understand?

“Yes. I’m sorry.”


So how come, then, did we have to endure 45 minutes at a pizza pasta place with a 6 year old crying because he didn’t get any dinner because he had said “I don’t want any dinner” ???

Huh, how come?

The concept he is struggling to grasp, no matter how many times I tell him, is that “I don’t care, I got my dinner and I’m eating it. And I’m no longer hungry”

Surely its not that hard to understand?

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