Tracking: When Care Slides Into Creepy

As One Who Blogs, I am oft receiving emails advising me of all manner of fabulous new invention or app or something that will “keep our children safe”.

I’m also required, to a degree, to be up with the latest parenting trends and behaviours, and one such thing also falls into the realm of “keeping our children safe”. Or, so I am so vehently told. Complete with guilt inducing manipulation.

Whilst I’m not adverse to the idea of children having some sort of tracking device placed on their person, or activated on their phone, as a blanket thing; because I’m well aware there are some (very few) cases where this is actually extremely helpful, for the most part, I

3 Replies to “Tracking: When Care Slides Into Creepy”

  1. That’s disturbing on all sorts of levels. Surely it would have to be a mutual effort? I have awful visions of my children potentially being tracked without their knowledge once they (inevitably) have phones, by bullies, stalkers, spurned friendships, ex boyfriends or girlfriends… maaaaybe I’ll just lock phones away FOREVER 🙁

    1. Seriously though,

      “Where’s Mum?”
      “Lemme check… she’s hiding in the pantry. Probably eating chocolate and sobbing”.

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