Trains, Trams and Special Previews: Skylanders

Had a pretty spesh day today.

I was one of a select few who were invited (oh, ok then, were available) to check out a new video game that is to be launched next month, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure.

Also, I met the criteria of having children of the appropriate age for the game. So that helped.

Also, I asked that vodka be present, as Chippie was accompanying me to the event, and there wasn’t. But that’s my only real complaint. They did have teensy little smoked salmon bagel thingies, so that almost made up for lack of vodka.

Anyhoo, I made the day an adventure for us, and bribed encouraged Chippie to come along by telling him we were catching the train. This was enough to spark his enthusiasm, and to walk up the big hill to the train station. Where he promptly unpacked my bag of the wooden Thomas tracks and train he had stashed in there and set them up along a bench and entertained some nearby commuters. And had to repack them when the train came.

He sat on my lap the whole way, and entertained all six carriages of passengers by yelling “LOOK A TRAIN!”

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