Travelling with Kids

Leave on our trip to Sydney using Chippie as our ‘alarm clock’.

Basically, when he woke up for a feed, we (or rather, I) just stayed up and got everyone else up and we got going.

Kid’s didn’t sleep, despite it being way too early morning.

Didn’t have a coffee to kick us off, however, so was getting desperate about 10 minutes up the road.

Made it to large township where we stopped for petrol, aaaand planned for breakky but kids now asleep. Discover hole in radiator, so whilst Grumpy purchases product to temporarily plug it, I go and purchase coffee … from service station ‘cafe’ at a cost of approximately $782 for two skinny lattes, one with sugar.


Almost didn’t buy them – should have listened to gut. Before I bought it. Gut afterwards certainly made itself known.

Can’t find anywhere to sit and eat, and eventually stop at roadside truck stop, complete with table and benches, where am required to breastfeed Chippie. In about 35 degree heat at 8am.

We drive on, and on. Once we hit out of radio receival range, we resort to the CD’s. Relieve boredom for some minutes by

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