Twitter Disney Party Mess

This afternoon, after a morning of lazing around, which really translated to me locking myself in my office, pyjama-clad, whilst the rest of the household made mess, folded clothes and did various other things I’d rather not know about, I had the distinct privilege of attending the launch of 3 Disney Junior movies at a Twitter Party.

Which sounds a lot like “glitterati” but wasn’t.

Monkey Boy was saved by Tiger Airways fate, as his bestie was supposed to be flying out yesterday, then wasn’t due to his aircraft being grounded. Therefore, bored, he rang and invited Monkey Boy over for a play.

Godzilla, Chippie and Grumpy pants were forced accompanied me to the launch party, which I thought would have been terribly exciting for them, having such a coveted mother and wife and all. Godzilla was most miffed at his Wii game being cut short – except that it wasn’t; he was surgically removed from it hours before, but it was all he could think of to suddenly decide the afternoon would be terribly boring and he decided he was not going to enjoy it under any circumstances.

Forcing me into the “You will go and you will enjoy it whether you like it or not!” phase, followed not long after, after enduring “it’s boring” and versions thereof for several more minutes,

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  1. :: waves :: other blogger was me 😀

    I suggested we needed name tags on the survey form 🙂

    Given it looks like a popcorn machine exploded in my loungeroom I can safely say that it more than likely was one of my children who made the hellacious popcorn mess.

    I was even contemplating a blog post this morning about how evil popcorn is – not sure what is worse, cleaning the greasy marks from popcorn butter off the couches / tv every other surface, or standing on popcorn kernals on wooden floorboards – it is like a ‘Australia’s funniest home video’s’ moment waiting to happen.

  2. Phew! I can safely continue on my merry way, now that someone else has been blamed for the mess.


    Did you have fun?

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