Typical. But it does pay to whinge out loud.

Urgh. The last two days and nights have been awful.

Chippie has woken on average every 1 hour and 37 minutes (yes, I had a fair amount of time, lying in bed awake and unable to sleep to work out the exact average), temperatures, crying, clinging and the rest.

Three teeth coming through at once. No other symptoms.

He has daycare tomorrow. His second day. I really need him to go. I have a seminar. Grumpy is working. We have no other options.

I do have a rant to one of the dads at school about the typicalness of ‘sick’ kids (I really don’t think he’s sick sick) and their inevitable crap timing with everything. He did offer, on behalf of his wife – so that was nice – to take the other two kids to school in the morning. Yay!

Although a huge help in that respect, I’m a terrible decision maker at the best of times, so deciding what to do if he’s sick (and I’m really convinced he’s not, but that damned Mother Guilt voice in my head is going “but what if he is, then you’ll feel crap, won’t you?” and will not shut up!) is just beyond my current capabilities.

And my new phone/mind replacement is still not available and won’t be till tomorrow.

I sadly suspect it wouldn’t make this sort of decision for me, anyway.


Pandol will help though.

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