Typical Part 2 – See? I told you!

… because my day never just stops at school pickup …

Chippie’s grazed head, tantrum, and applications for Worst Parents of the Year sorted, Monkey Boy heading dumping his bag on the pram as he heads off to someone else’s house and Godzilla deciding he is going to “walk some of the way home by himself”, I have minor hard-to-breath-anxiety-moment at prosepct of Off With Fairies Child wandering off on own, quite possibly with fairies, and Grumpy and I have small disagreement over who is taking Chippie wiht them Or rather, who isn’t.

Grumpy straps Chippie into car, Godzilla has taken off and I can see him down the end of the school fence. The outside of it.

Oh, jeebus! He can’t even find his shoes when he is standing on them. How is he going to see a car coming at him as he’s skipping across the road in Fairy Land.

Am left with pram, laden with school bag, blood spotted blanket and several drink bottles. So that’s where they all are.?! I need to walk quick. Stuff bag in pram seaty big and walk briskly in direction of Godzilla. I can only hope he remembers way home.

I’ve lost sight of him.

Affect frantic look, as I walk slightly faster. Apparently, am coming across as crazed lady with child-breaing issues as I push a pram, quickly, with a bright blue school bag in it.

Travel past train station, loads of people, no

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