Useless Trivia and Feminine Hygiene Products

So … recently I was perusing the useless trivia and other facts that come courtesy of some feminine hygiene products.

Because, well, I don’t know about you but really there’s nothing more I enjoy than reading useless crap whilst I’m wrangling the 37 various tabs that come with the winged version of said products, holding the door closed with one foot so I may revel in a little toileting privacy and feeling like stabbing someone in the head as my uterus contorts itself into extremely painful positions.

Reading useless facts just fills me up with Happy!

Or not.

Anyhoo, it was brought to my attention, during one of these fun filled episodes, that during menstruation a woman’s middle finger is less sensitive than when she is not in that part of her cycle.

How do they know these things? I thought, just after thinking

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