And that is why my head hurts

Sometimes, I do fun things with my kids.

We watch movies, and play games and read books and eat popcorn.

And, sometimes these things do my head in. 9 year old has comprehension capablities beyond his years, so while he understand what peple are saying or doing, he doesn’t necessarily understand the emotion behind it. So lots of explaining on my part.

The six year old, on the other hand, takes things quite literally. Very literally sometimes. And can become fixated on things.

In both cases, I had to explain the “Shut up, Spalding” comment made by Alex the Lion in Madagascar, and how it is a send up of the similar comment made by Tom Hanks character in Castaway where, in his loneliness, he created a head out of a soccer ball (a Wilson one) and tells it to shut up, because, clearly, it as talking to him.

I digress. There I was making lunches in between yelling at children about shoes and pants and book bags and the like, and Godzilla kept telling me know that he needed help making a “Skullbib”

Given my pre-leaving-for-school state, I had no idea what he was talking about, and no inclination to find out.

However, he just wouldn’t let up on the way to school (really do contemplate finding a closer school, just so we don’t have time to have conversations like this!) and kept going on about this bloody “Skullbib”.

I eventually worked out what he really wanted was a “Spalding”, just like Alex the Lion had, made with one of his numerous soccer balls, or preferably one of Chippie’s.

After lengthy and significantly confusing discussion, he informs me that he doesn’t just want a Spalding, he needs one.

“Because, then I’ll have two people to talk to.”

Um, right. So far, aside from Spalding to have a bit of a chat to, the second person is “no one”, “I don’t know” and “my imaginary friend”.

I’m still not making a Spalding. My head hurts.

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