Want a School Morning free of Stress, Yelling and Chaos?

School is back for us later this week. Friday, I think.

Note to self: Check that

I know some are back already and some are back sooner and some are back later.

Some of you will like to be prepared and have everything organised and some of you will already be into it and thinking “Wish I’d fucking got everything organised before now!” Or maybe you did.

On that, some of you will want to avoid the Stress, Yelling and Chaos that is, sadly, an inevitable part of the School Morning and don’t have the tools you need – I know you don’t because I have them here!

Some of you will be wishing there was some way to completely avoid that bullshit, repetitive crap that you have to endure each and every school morning, and each and every school morning you just wish it would Fucking. Stop!

Are you sick of repeating the same old same old?

Get your shoes on!

Where is your bag?

Are you dressed yet?

Are you over it?

Had enough?

Think you may very well go completely mental if you have to do it one more day?

This year, like every other year, you start refreshed and have that amazing positive attutide and it all goes to crap in a matter of weeks, if not days … and you find yourself hiding in a corner, crying and thinking “why can’t they just do it?”

How awesome would it be to NOT have to do that? For any morning?

What if it was all done for you?

OMG! How awesomely amazing.

Where? Where is this magical thing that will mean I don’t have to yell at my kids every school morning? It can’t possibly exist, can it?

YES! It does exist.

I, along with a couple of my incredibly Real Mum buddies, who know all to well the pain of school mornings, have created it for you … and we’ve tossed them in with the Real Mums Mayhem Manager School Pack

You can now, literally, sit back and let us do the work for you … it is a series of audio tracks that get your kids into gear each and every morning, and allow you to sit back and do whatever it is you need to do while they’re getting organised.

Save your voice and save quite a lot of time each morning.

Listen to a Sample … Click here

Recorded by Real Mums for real mums, all tracks include all those things you find yourself saying every single morning.

Audio includes:

The Get Dressed Loop

The Pack Your Bag Nag

The Get Your Shoes On Repetitive Requests

The We’re Leaving in Five! Leadup to Leaving

The We’re Leaving in Ten Minutes Rhetoric

We’re Leaving In Ten Minutes – complete with stern warning and warning signal

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