War on ANZAC Day

A particularly bad day with Monkey Boy, who clearly got out of the wrong side of the bed.

Or is just being seven.

I think I prefer the former option, the latter is just to scary.

We decided for a quiet day, but wanting to get out of the house, we opted for fish and chips on the beach. Monkey Boy, who loves fish and chips on the beach thought that ANZAC day was really more about war, so chose to create one, delaying, whinging, tantruming and doing whatever possible to prevent us leaving the house.

After coercing Grumpy into making cheesy mac for lunch, I stepped in and told him that we were going out as a family! and if he didn’t want lunch with us, we’d make him a Vegemite sandwich and he could eat that instead.

Being a stubborn bugger, and hating to give us what he perceives we want, he ensure we were delayed further by having Grumpy make him not one, but several sandwiches. And we were off.

Half an hour later as he introduced a few new tactics, one of which resulted in me threatening to prevent him going to a birthday party next weekend, then tearing up the invitation in front of him.

Leaving me feeling absolutely awful, but having to stand my ground at the same time.

Sometimes I hate this Mumming thing. Not because I can’t have a wee in peace. Or even when I want to. But because they make you do things that you really don’t want to do.

Several discussions were had in the car, about behaviour and responsibilty and missing birthday parties. I thought by this stage some would have sunk in. Be he managed to continue, implementing new misbehaviours at every turn. Then missing out of fish and chips.

Worse, the fish and chips weren’t all that nice. I would quite happily have shared with him so I didn’t have to eat it all myself (or toss it). This stuff always backfires on me. Why can’t the Universe side with me for once, present me with the best F’n’C I’ve had in my life and allow me some satisfaction with rubbing in the fact that he’s missing out because he’s being an obnoxious little shit.

Even the seagulls had buggered off, so I couldn’t even share with them!

It’s not fair!

After that, he seemed to come good. The rest of the afternoon was lovely, he even got an ice-cream.

Even our evening was nice.

But that was probably because I was picked up at 5.30 to go see a movie at Gold Class with a friend.

Speaking of delaying … there are quite a few things two Mums can think of to avoid going home after a movie that finishes at 8.30pm.

You don’t wanna be getting home after a great night to find them still awake.

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