We all need reminding, occasionally

Human beings, by their very nature, crave attention and reward.

They just wanna be damn well acknowledged for stuff they do. Especially the good stuff, the “I went out of my way” stuff and just, you know, to know that someone actually saw them doing it. It’s just normal.

This morning, I found this in my letterbox.

I kinda knew it was coming, because I’d sent off some of the components to the person in question to create something for me.

I was also expecting something amazing – because she is just an amazingly talented and creative person.

What I didn’t expect was to cry in the post office, reading the note that came with it. Aside from the bracelet being contributed to by some of the most amazing women in my life (thank you Real Mums and Bad Mother’s Club) it is to remind me, daily, of what I stand for.

It is also to remind me, in moments of doubt, that I AM part of an amazing community, I am loved, and I am special.

Chrystal – the Amazingly Talented – went to incredible lengths to include a heap of gemstones all with special meaning to ME. That in itself means truckloads.

It also includes a Real Mums Circle – a random act of kindness that goes on often within the Community – created by the equally talented and creative Jasmine of Special Somethings.

(Don’t be fooled into thinking we’re all gushy and lovely – oh, no … some of the RAKs would make your grandmother blush. Hrm, some have even made me blush!)

The note, explaining all the gems and stones and whatnot concluded with:

Just remember, you are special. You bring together a great group of women who all draw strength from each other and yourself.

It think that pretty much sums up what we’re all about.

And it was a lovely reminder for me, today.


4 Replies to “We all need reminding, occasionally”

  1. Am so glad I got to contribute to the circle of love that surrounds you. Chrystal is an amazing thoughtful woman and her creativity combined with Jasmin’s awesome talent makes a beautiful thing to wear for a beautiful friend xo

  2. That’s lovely. I know what you mean about wanting a bit of recognition, just a pat on the back. I have been bending over backwards lately and I feel a bit selfish but wouldnt mind if someone just bent over for me…. wait, that came out wrong…. I think I’ll just go back to admiring your bracelet 😉

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