We do like to be beside the seaside

Made an effort to do a family thing again, now that the horror of the shool holidays has worn off.

Being a lovely day, the warmer weather kicking in in Melbourne and a temperature of 28 degrees predicted, we opted for a trip to the beach.

Well, I didn’t. Nor did Grumpy. But the kids did. Mostly because they have no concept of … well, the have no concept of anything really.

We had tanties before we left because Grumpy and I refused to take our bathers, knowing the water would never be warm enough. Then that Chippie didn’t have bathers. And then because Monkey Boy looked at Godzilla sideways. And then because Godzilla hit Monkey Boy over the head with a piece of polystyrene that he picked up on the way home from school during the week.

Loaded the car up – amazing how much a new baby requires for a day trip to the beach, and he’s not even going in for a swim. That, or I’m just really organised and like to have all bases covered (warm clothes, cool clothes, backups of each, light wrap, heavy wrap, blanket, spare singlets… etc etc)

Off we go. Godzilla on a high so started the “are we there yet?” when we got to the end of the street. Yup, another milestone for him. Not just him, however. Monkey Boy has also reached another one – the high and mighty milestone.

“Ugh. Just stop. We’ll get there when we get there, and you’ll know when we’re there.”

Which, I believe, is what I used to say to him ealier this year when he did exactly the same thing! At least he has stopped the Are We There Yets.

Grab some lunch on the way, get to the beach, set up the shade tent, locate a safe position for a sleeping baby, wonder why we didn’t bring our bathers, because the weather was beautiful, except for the slight breeze, force kids to put sunscreen on, set up to eat, have sand blown in our direction, covering all five of us and our lunch, crunch through lunch, change kids into bathers, walk to water with them, still wondering why we didn’t bring our own bathers, get into water ankle deep, feet go numb, race out while kids go further in (idiots) and sit down to my sand filled drink.

Chippie wakes while kids still in water – either doing that kid thing where they can’t feel the cold, or have gone completely numb with cold and can’t feel the cold. Feed Chippie – whose lunch hasn’t escaped the sandy granules either. Although I really don’t wanna think how I got that much sand down there!

Kids play in sand for ages, building something

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