Wednesday's What's Worse: The Simpsons or …

I just created that title, not necessarily with the intention of doing a new “What’s Worse”, or and equally “What the Fu..?” every Wednesday, or even once a month on a Wednesday. It just so happened that this, I shall call it an ‘incident’ happened on a Wednesday. I will, however, put these types of scenarios up on a Wednesday, because I can. Feel free to send in your What’s Worse or What The Fuck experiences for broader community discussion.

I was out, at a party, with my immediately family, extended family and hangers on when my eldest (then eleven) brings up something about

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  1. I had a partner who did not like the Simpsons for many years, he found it “too silly” and “badly drawn” (duh!). I love it now and watch it whenever it’s on with my husband, even episodes we have already seen. It’s a very clever show that does work on so many levels, that yes, your kids do NOT understand some of it, and that’s not too bad at times. Yes, there is dysfunction but there is also Love and sincerety, clearly, the lady did not watch it indeed. My son is 7 and he likes it, but wanders off most times (not into tv as such).
    We have a picture on our wall where I have ‘simpsonized’ our family, with our name in the typical writing n all. Simpsons ROCK!
    To your actual question, I think the internet is, as reflection of society FULL of people commenting, questioning and judging other people’s parenting choices. I would be hypocrite to say I don’t do the same. Sometimes, I think it’s also good to call somebody out on behaviour. I have told people who were mean, extremely loud, or unfair with their child in front of my (and my son with AS) to stop this and think if that’s the right thing to do. I also think it would be good if people stepped in sometimes when parents are, say, racist or violent in front or towards kids.
    This said… telling your child watching the Simpsons is BAD, indeed, is a bit like discussing a way more complex subject with the kid, like his family’s religion – without any knowledge of the actual subject matter and the way your family deals with it… ? yeah wow. I understand you were upset.

  2. I think it’s incredibly rude to speak to a child like that, with or without the child’s parents present!

    My oldest watched The Simpsons for a while, but then I brought in the “No TV after 5:30” rule because I’m a mean horrible parent who knows that my children are little arsewipes if they are not fed and in bed by 6:30. So they now miss out.

    I would MUCH prefer they watch The Simpsons though, that evening soapies that model some horrendous behaviour in the name of entertainment. I think young kids understand that cartoons really ARE pretend, while they have trouble discerning live-action drama from reality (In the same way young kids also believe EVERYTHING they see or hear advertised. “Hey Mum, why don’t we shop at XYZ? They are the cheapest in town!”). And like you, I find that situations in cartoons like The Simpsons are much more likely to spark conversation about a wide range of topics.

    Family Guy or American Dad, on the other hand? they are for big people, and my kids will have to be able to afford to buy their own tellies before I’ll let them watch those 😉

  3. Ok, so I came into this blog post thinking it was a challenge – What’s Worse? Watching the Simpson’s or…… (fill in the blank) and I had my answer ready.
    What’s Worse? Watching the Simpson’s or…… watching re-runs of Disney Channel shows?

    Disney channel shows hands down!

    I am not a Simpson’s fan, never have been, but my girls, 7.5 & 10, now watch it because I refuse to watch sitcoms on the Disney channel that are repeated week are week after week.
    I’m still not a fan myself but they sit and giggle away with the 3rd child in the house, their father! and if any questions arise we’ll discuss it accordingly.

    BUT that isn’t what the blog post was about, so….

    It is worse to tell a child their parent is wrong for a choice that they make, just because you don’t agree with that choice

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