Wednesday's What's Worse: Washing Woes

This is not the usual “When will it end?!” rhetoric, nor a complaint about how much the washing basket regularly vomits all over itself and the floor.

Nor is it that my life is so terribly exciting that a warm, windy day fills me with much delight, as I’ll now be able to see my way thought he mountains of manky body coverings and actually see the bottoms of the washing baskets (where I once also located my missing, half drunk coffee, but that’s another story).

No, I face a dilemma on an almost weekly basis, and being the Domestic Godless that I am, I do wonder, what is worse?

You see, the children attend swimming lessons once a week. I also managed to swing that coveted miracle where all children are booked in at the same centre, at the same time on the same night! Unheard of!

I have a Rule. It is a Rule that I state loudly and often. The Rule that is: The Swimming Stuff Must Be Put Into The Washing Machine And Washed Immediately.

The two big kids and husband can all utilise the machine, so there is no excuse. Or … well, maybe there is.

Inevitably, the day of the swimming lessons will be full to the brim of crazy and chaos and will also be perfect washing weather, only I won’t be around to do any washing due to the aforementioned crazy and chaos.

Assuming I am around, the weather will turn and it unseasonal storms will be thrust upon us and no washing will be done.

Around this time, some one will have wet the bed, the cat would have wee-ed on something, or something will have been dropped or spilt in the kitchen and wiped up with the good towels and will require washing

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