Wee wee wee all the way to the assylum

After a Family Nit Checking and DeLousing Day and consequently washing ALL the sheets on the beds and towels hanging up, I was awoken at 3am to the sound of Godzilla crying.

He’d not just wet the bed, but I suspect broken The Drought, and if only that extra damn had been built the state, if not the country, would have been safe for a considerable number of years.

With the “spare” sheets on the line, being washed and rinsed again, there was nothing to dress his bed in.

And it was 3am, I was tired, grumpy and couldn’t be arsed.

So popped him into Monkey Boy’s bed, down the other end.

Awoke at 6am to two little boys climbing into our bed. Earlier than normal. Both naked.

Both had wet the bed. No idea where Godzilla found the additional urine, but suspect Monkey Boy dreamed he was hearing a waterfall and had “leaked”

We all fall asleep again and I am awoken by a strange trickling sound – odd, not heard that before. And it doesn’t sound like the ensuite shower dripping.

And what is that warmth on my back?

And why is it now cold?


I’ve been wee’d on!!!!!!!!!

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