Well … obviously!


The trials and tribulations of parenting are neverending. And there’s always something that will spring up out of left field when you least expect it.

I was forced to apologise, in advance, to the kinder teachers today, and provide some sort of explanation.

Along the lines of Godzilla wearing his gymnastics shorts – proper, specifically for gymnastics shorts – that are, in fact, hand me downs Monkey Boy and about 3 sizes too big.

In order to perform at your best in gymnastics, the proper shorts are quite short, and have lots of room to move around the legs. Lots more room around the leg when they are 3 sizes too small.

I warned the teachers that there could be a little testicular exposure should they be doing any sort of crossed-leg sitting, or an escaped penis on the monkey bars, and I was really sorry but he was insistent and just hoping it wasn’t an issue. But there were spare shorts in his kinder bag. And I’m really sorry.

And why am I always put in these situations?

I checked on pickup that there were no issues, and was relieved to hear there were none in relation to inadvertent exposures. Basically because they just cancelled group time to avoid any possibility of it.

Teacher did, however, have a small chat to Godzilla, in her incredibly non-judgemental way, to see if he could come to a reasonable conclusion himself about which shorts were most appropriate for kinder …

“You’re wearing your gymnastics shorts?”

“Yes. I had gymnastics this morning.”

“But you’re at kinder now.”

“Yes, but I had gymnastics this morning.”

“I know that. And its great you wear those shorts for gymnastics. And now you’re at kinder. Don’t you just wear your gymnastics shorts at gymnastics?” she subtly hinted.

He looked at her in the eyes and replied, very seriously “No. I’m wearing them now.”

He did make a very valid point. Now, I just have to think of another strategy for getting him to wear more suitable shorts for the environment.

And avoiding having to apologise for things based on the creative immagination of an overly immaginative five year old.

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