Well, that just makes me feel super special

Aww, there are moments in your life when you’re just made to feel like … like … well, crap really.

There is Monkey Boy sitting on the floor, happily playing with his Star Wars LEGO when, I’m sure, he was asked to be doing something helpful.

Nute Gunray has lost his hat. Which is not surprising really, given there are LEGO bits from one end of the house to the other, including under couches, under the fridge, under the beds and on the ceiling fan.

I’m also a little surprised as to why Nute Gunray is so disappointed as, quite frankly, it is a ridiculous looking hat and if I were him I’d have lost it on purpose. Although, Nute Gunray does look like one cranky bastard and perhaps the hat is a blessing in disguise as it detracts from his face.

I hold Nute Gunray up next to my face, mimic his look and relate my concerns regarding spreading of LEGO around house to Monkey Boy and

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  1. Aha! That’s where I forgot to look – on top of the ceiling fan! We are currently missing bits of Lego cars…

    Ah, the old poo in the bathtub trick! Sure way to get out of the bath quick…!

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