Well that's just put a dampener on the day

Awoke with a sore tongue. The kids have been complaining on and off for a day about their’s being sore, but as it wasn’t my tongue, it didn’t really affect me.

Apart from all the whinging.

It got considerably worse as the day wore on. My sore tongue, that is. The kids whining didn’t. They were at school, so not my problem.

The worst bit, however, was right after I got up. My coffee was terrible. Terrible!

I accused Grumpy of not setting the coffee machine correctly, but this didn’t work as a) he’d already left for work, and b) I’m the one that sets it, so ranted incoherently for a bit before drinking revolting coffee because I was at a loss as to what other means I could distract myself with whilst the Getting Ready For School Chaos was going about it’s usual business. My head wasn’t functioning so great, either, but not sure if that was another symptom of sore tongue thing, or result of consumption of revolting coffee.

Devoid self of children and set about work day with disgusting taste in mouth and inability to enjoy food of all sorts. Even Chocolate Teddy Bear Biscuits tasted horrible. It is a

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