Well, you said you wanted to

Antoher, normal before school morning, then school drop off and head to swimming lessons.

Hopped in this week, which was a bit of a noveltly.

And very bloody cold. Now I remember why I don’t normally get in.

Coffee with the other mums and kids, home then school pickup and more swimming lessons.

Monkey Boy decided he was in one of his moods and refused to get dressed. He then got really upset when I left the change room, with him still in it, unable to understand that I really didn’t want to be standing in there for 20 minutes while I awaited his compliance.

Then it was my fault that he didn’t get changed. Apparently, I had hog-tied him so he was unable to get his school clothes off and his bathers on.

After some interrogation, apparently I wasn’t physically stopping him. But it was my fault anyway.

On trying every angle to delay getting changed – “You won’t let me and I’m not changing here!” “So go into the change rooms, I don’t care” – I gave him The Ultimatum. He get changed and do his lesson or no Simpsons and no sleepover tomorrow night.

It took him 20 minutes before telling me he “couldn’t decide”. I explained the simplicity of the decision. he a) got changed, did his lesson, all would be fine, or b) he continued, he didn’t do his lesson and he spent the night in his room, tonight and tomorrow night.

Fairly simple, one would have thought. Nope, too hard. I then explained I wasn’t going to wait for an answer, and was going to count to 3 and decide for him.

So I did, then told Godzilla to hop out because it was time to go.

“I want to get in!!” he screamed at me, having lost power in the decision making process.

So he did, fully clothed, shoes and all. With just a little bit of help from me.

Ok, a lot of help from me.

He got changed into his bathers, told his teacher he wasn’t doing his lesson, told me I hate him, then got upset when I told him if I hated him so much he could stay.

He then attempted to discuss time frames on staying in his room. Not a great idea considering how, well, pissed off I was at that time.

I had to wash his clothes!

Again it was my fault he didn’t get changed or go into his lesson. “If you hadn’t thrown me in I would have done my lesson.”

“Well, if you hadn’t said you wanted to go in, I wouldn’t have thrown you in. You said you wanted to.”

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