We're all going on a Family Holiday

Just arrived destination Canberra – where it appears to be bloody freezing cold!

Awoken at 2.36am by Chippie, at least an hour too early, so we went back to sleep and I woke, of my own accord and quite suddenly at approximately 5 minutes after the time we had planned to leave.

Packed kids in the car, grabbing the last of the accoutrements sitting on the table to be grabbed on the way past. Lockup and off we head. Chippie promptly falls asleep, and the other two appear to have mainlined caffeine and go hyper for the first hour of the trip, only to fall asleep as we turn off the highway to stop somewhere for a top up – petrol and breakfast.

Godzilla has tired tantrum due to lack of pancake service at the cafe we stopped at (attempted to explain reduction in availability of some foods in small towns, but he refused to listen. Then asked for an apple. Then, as we were nearly finished out breakky, he acquiesced and then wanted to order breakfast) ate and set off again. Cafe Latte’d up!

Chippie promptly feel asleep again, which was mildly disconcerting, but relieving at the same time.

The “I’m bored” kicked in much later than anticipated, and I was prepared (albeit driving at this stage) with the inclusion of the magnetic travel HangMan. Anything, anything to avoid I Spy. Upon suggestion of Hang Man, someone did bring up the concept of I Spy, to which I replied that Hang Man was kind of like I Spy, only you had to guess the letters (and get to hang someone, metaphorically speaking. Although it was close, reality speaking, at times).

Monkey Boy had first go but got his letters mixed around, confused all of us and then felt like throwing up due to looking down for a prolonged period. The game was passed over Chippie’s still sleeping head (hrm, getting concerned) to Godzilla, who chose a 9 letter word. Even I was impressed he knew a 9 letter word and was able to spell it, and I’m his mother, so think he is a genius.

We commence the suggesting of letters, to which some are right (it stars with P and the second last letter is I) and a few are wrong. Then a few more right (P.O. _ _ _ _ _ I.A.) and we are more clueless than when we started. A few more correct letters (P.O.M.G. _ _ _ I.A) ???????? and then we get a “yes” for “B”. It comes after the “G”


Then he drops the game down the side of his seat, I mutter under my breath Shit as I envisage the scatter of miniature, magnetic hang man letters and possible places they may end up, and Godzilla informs me “No, it wasn’t “shit” it has nine letters and starts with “P””

And we continue, stopping along the way for lunch, where Chippie hardly eats, and immediately falls asleep again. Hand over driving, check Chippie’s temperature using the back and front of my hand (fine) and we make our destination. The relative serenity of the relatives we’re staying with, including two girls, is promptly shattered by the arrival of two primary school aged boys who somehow turn the art of jumping from the couch onto the mattress on the floor into an extremely loud and dangerous pasttime!

Have to sort out sleeping arrangements, as portacott for Chippie won’t fit in the room Grumpy and I have, and it’s far too far to walk at Stupid O’Clock when he wakes if we set him up in the lounge area with his brothers. Besides, I don’t know how much sleep anyone would get if they were all contained in the same area.

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