We're Back! In Body if not in Mind!

We’re back!

Happy New Year and hope you’re surviving the last few weeks of the school holidays!

I’ve been having loads of fun these last few weeks, trying not to go completely mental in the process. Credit where credit is due, I have finally learnt what I am likely to be capable of when I have all three kids at home and set my schedule accordingly.

Life will always throw stuff at you and my plans were thwarted, in one respect, by a friend being hit by a car (thankfully, aside from much pain and lots of pretty coloured bruising, there were no breaks, major tears or trauma in her soft tissue and she is ‘okay’ – phew!) and I housed her and her two boys for a few days.

Whilst chaotic and unexpected – as car accidents tend to be – taking a different mind set to it made it one, big, crazy holiday rather than stress. It also gave me the much needed excuse to have a day, lying on the couch watching chick flicks with one of my besties.

I also worked on my business life and have many, many exciting things in store.

For those of you who completed the survey on What Can Real Mums Do For You In 2014 – thank you so much!

It’s helped give a me a bit of direction and shows me what it is YOU want! Let’s see what I can conjure up for you – I have many, many evil plans and I’m looking forward to implementing them for you.

For those of you who haven’t completed the survey, I’d really value and appreciate your input.

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One Reply to “We're Back! In Body if not in Mind!”

  1. Hi Mad Cow, welcome back! I so know what you mean about trying to achieve ANYTHING with 3 kids at home. My father used to say it was best to have “limited objectives”. He was a wise man.
    I’m still on holidays til 2nd Feb – lucky me, so my objectives are to have family fun til then.
    Best of luck with your business for 2014.

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