We've moved on from boobies …

It was time. Too early for my liking. But Monkey Boy was asking. Genuinely this time, not just because he felt he had to ask something.

That talk.

The “sex” one.

“Mum, what’s sex?”

He’d asked the same a few days earlier, and I’d managed to get around it by discussing the “sex” of a baby, or a person. But he’d clued on, and wanted to know about “Sex sex, you know? Not the sex of a person, I get that, but ‘sex’, you know, ‘sex’?”

I bought myself some time by saying that as soon as we’d been bathed and were in bed, we’d get out the books I’d bought for such an occasion and we’d work through them together. And he could ask me anything he wanted to know, or wasn’t sure about, or wasn’t explained properly.

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  1. I had ‘The Talk’ with my son when he was 7 as well. It started when he asked, in front of his 5yo sister and his father ‘so how do babies get inside the mother?’ We’d already had the ‘how do babies get out?’ conversation when he was 5, so I knew this one was coming.

    Basic conversation was:
    Son: So you need a mum and a dad to have a baby?
    Me: Yes
    Son: So if a mum and dad divorce when the mum has a baby in her tummy, does the baby disappear?
    Me: No.
    Son: So they mum can have the baby by herself?
    Me: Well, once the baby is in the mother’s tummy, yes, she can have the baby by herself.
    Son: So what is the father for?
    Me: (Pausing, trying to remember why it’s important that there is a father…)
    Son: Oh, I know. You need the dad so that he can share his genetic material.
    Me: (sending up a silent prayer of thanks for science geek children who take all the awkwardness out of these conversations).
    Son: So, how does the dad share his genetic material?
    Me: D’oh!

    Conversation continued explaining the basics of sex, at the end of which my son calmly replied “Yes, I thought it would be something like that” and walked away. :-/

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