What a fabulous day

Oh today started off just brilliantly.

I had such a laugh.

Godzilla was on one of his not as rare as I’d like adding as many “naughty” words to the end of each sentence as possible.

Most of them contextually accurate and incredibly insulting.

First off, however, he just had to dress himself. Which is usually not a good thing.

Today was no exception. Swimming lessons were first off the ranks (and as per normal in our household, starting at the same time as something else, ie school).

He insisted that today was my turn – no probs at all here. He is now actually participating in the lessons, and I get to chat and not watch.

So, we had to wear our size 2 (he’s nearly 4) orange and black board shorts. With a blue polo shirt, complete with colour.

No, no shirt with these shorts because “boys don’t like that shirts wiff bavers”

So after 5 “put your shirts on” we decided to put the shirt into the swimming bag with another pair of shorts. Yes, the blue be-collared polo shirt was to be matched with flouro green and navy blue Hawaiian shorts. Mmm, noice.

All sorted and organised, until Grumpy grumps at him “Put your shirt on NOW”

Ugh, typical!

“No, boys don’t like shirts wiff bavers shuddup you stupid, old, grumpy tweeg”

I’m unsure as to what was said after that, as I nearly wet my pants laughing.

Damned that pelvic floor.

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