What birthday?

Usually one so vigilant about the celbrations of others, lately I’ve been letting it slip.

Grumpy’s birthday present didn’t turn up in the post as promised, which didn’t help, but I also didn’t have time to worry about it.

Sad school child placated, within 23 minutes of getting to school yesterday morning, and realising that his new teacher was, in fact, quite nice and not a rampant Ogre at all.

Swimming lessons started back for offspring number two, who was completely unable to understand, or accept, that I would not being going in because my bathers no longer fit me (and my legs had not been waxed since pre-Christmas and it was not a pretty site – but figured that was something not to discuss with a 4 year old boy).

Then it was the usual Thursday schmozzle, including Grumpy starting back at school – school, swimming, coffee with swimming group, fight tired, hungry child who refuses to acknowledge he is tired and hungry, back to school, back to swimming, further extensive discussions about inability to squeeze breasts into bathers and, therefore, I would not be entering water for that reason, and for fear of being harpooned, home to discussions about a cake for the Grumpy one and finished off with the standard Thursday night tantrum, as appears to have become a ritual in this household.

This one, however, was mine!

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