What do I do …?


Grumpy is at a seminar all day. Aaaaallllll day. Till really late tonight.

Monkey Boy is at school.

And Godzilla is going to a friends after kinder.

Is it possible to fit in a long relaxing bath with a bubbly or 3 (and can I do this at 9.30am???), go shopping at DFO, purchase several, unnecessarly pairs of shoes, get my hair done and have a pedicure all before 3.30pm?

Hmmm, might give it a good go!

Bath on hot, bubbly on chill.


p.m. Had decided to get fish and chips for dinner, but way to cold to be venturing outdoors. Even if it is to avoid cooking and other domesticated chores.

Pick kids up from school and head to supermarket to purchase oven-bake chips (wasn’t gonna do my usual peeling and chopping potatoes thing) and some chicken legs. Ok, so chicken and chips, not fish and chips – but the kids will just have to deal with it.

Head into large supermarket for chips and a few other necessities. Monkey Boy was pretending to be useful, helpful and wellbehaved and kept walking ahead to pick stuff of the shelves that we just didn’t need.

Godzilla decided he was tired, and kept lagging behind.

Had one kid too far ahead, and one too far behind.

Just another reminder as to why I don’t take them supermarket shopping with me.

Standing halfway down one aisle, I yell in one direction for Monkey Boy to stop and wait, turn and yell in the other direction “Will you HURRY UP!”

“Mummy! You are A OGRE!” yells the poor little tired Godzilla.

The ears on those sharing the aisle with us prick up, and the eyes wander over to me to see what my reaction will be.

But I’m onto you people! You’re just waiting to judge me and see just how bad a mother I am.

Am I to ignore? Or would you like me to “explain” to him the issues I (or is it you?) have with this sort of behaviour? Or are some of you waiting for me to fly off the handle and dish out a smacking or two?

I did what I do …

“Yeah, well if you don’t hurry up I’m gonna turn into a GRUMPY OGRE!!!!!!!!! And then you can complain!”

Hehehe, that shut “them” up.

Purchased items, and headed to the chicken shop – keeping in mind I had two now bored boys and a half full trolley – so parked myself up one end.

Keeping a tight rein on them, I ordered what I needed and uttered a very calm “hey, enough, stop that now” and got a “Oh, would they like a lollypop for them so they stop” from the shop keeper.

Its not like I even had to yell at them. This time. And why would I want to bribe them with lolly pops to stop.

I have a perfectly decent block of chocolate that I plan to eat in front of them. And we all know that that is waaaaaay more effective.

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