What for with the parkour?

Sometimes, I get opportunities to sit and just be … so my mind starts to think about terribly important things.

Today, I was at LEGO Club. The boys were all being well behaved and nice, so I didn’t have to do much. Thus my mind took me back to last Saturday and the pain at parkour that both Monkey Boy and I experienced.

I am trying very hard not to talk to him about it too much, but I really would like him to continue with the harder class.

Then I though “Why?”

I mean, obviously, if he does the class that is challenging, rather than the one that is relatively easy and verging on boring for him, then he will get better. That’s a given. And he enjoys it.

It was more a What Will He Do With These Skills kind of “why”.

Stunt man, maybe?

The only reference to his adult life he’s made is “When I’m Prime Minister ….” and some sometimes very logical ideas, and some very crazy ones.

Then I had it, and I couldn’t wait to share it with him.

“I know why you need to do the basics parkour class!” I yelled, jumping up and down with excitement. “Because you want to get better, right? And when you’re Prime Minister, those skills are gonna be totally awesome for when you need to get away from the paparazzi and protesters and other people who annoy you! Cool, huh?”

“Mum, please stop embarrassing me.”

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