What I do know

I like to think I’m pretty ok as a mother.

I get some stuff “right” and some stuff “wrong” and I do yell and swear, and cuddle my kids and watch The Simpsons at the same time, and read books to them and take them to fun places.

I make them lunch every day and cook them dinner every night. Except those times Grumpy Pants does, or my 11 year old does.

I like to think that I’m teaching him good, life skills be letting him cook dinner, and not placing him into some hideous, dangerous position that has people shaking their heads in disbelief at my despicability.

Truth is, I really have no idea how this whole thing will pan out, what my kids will grow up to be like. I have no idea what the final outcome will be. I won’t even know what they will tell their therapists. Thank you Client Confidentiality.

What I do know, however, is that I suck at making rainbow jelly.

Today is my third attempt in the last 12 or 18 months of making rainbow jelly and I have fucked it up. Again.

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  1. I have a friend who made it in clear disposable cups so you don’t have to turn it out. My layered jellies (numbering less that yours, but still plural!) never turn out despite oiling the container like my mother says.
    And I wonder if half cooling the next colour before adding would help?
    my friend’s looked brilliant. I can ask for tips if you want. despite telling my son that new things sometimes take practice and persistence I often just abandon ship and move onto the next thing, hence the limited number of attempts!
    I just read your chapter in the 21st Century Motherhood Movement. The website sounds good.

  2. Thanks Christabel (and Heidi and Lex for your invaluable and ongoing support 😛 )

    Nah, I can’t be arsed with it any more. I do the cooled jelly before I add it. This one, I attempted teensy layers of each colour. That lasted layer one and two before I tipped the remainder of colour 1 into a bigger mould and shoved it in the freezer.

    Then added Colour.

    then went to bed.

    Then got up and made the mix for Colour 3 and pulled the thingy out of the freezer and it was lumpy and I don’t think jelly likes being in a freezer like that.

    I managed 4 layers using this process. Then added some vanilla pannacotta – but it hadn’t set.

    It got eaten by the kids, so that’s nice. Sure, they’ll eat stuff off the floor so saying “this was nice mum” is really doesn’t give me much to go on .. *sigh*


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