What is it?

I thought pyjama day at kinder would mean an easy morning.

I mean, Godzilla wears his jarmies all day, every day anyway. Just with clothes over the top.

But, no, we still had tanties. Because I suggested he put long, toasty warm jarmies over the top of he size 2 – 2 sizes too small – mismatched satin-look boxers and t-shirt.

Its very difficult to explain, logically, to a four year old the difference between jarmies and suitability for kinder play.

Got the morning to myself, caught up on some work, raced to kinder to pick up toasty warm Godzilla, ran in door to ringing phone.

A friend. Who needed an ear. A very present and listening ear. I can do this.

I thought … as I sat and watched Godzilla find a stray tampon on the bottom of a bag that had not seen daylight for several years.

I tried not to laugh as I watched him patiently trying to remove the wrapper. This got more difficult to do as he commenced using his teeth.

Upon his success, he brought his prized posession over to me. I had to terminate the call. It was all I could do.

“I want dis one”

“Uh huh. And what is it?”

“I don’ know. But I do need it.”

??? “What for?”

“I jus do need it. I need it for the bath.”

The phone rang again, and off he went to play. Happy and content.

I’d forgotten about his new toy, until he entered my office, swinging it around. “I like to paint, Mummy. I like to paint wif dis.”

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