What Kids?

Having almost forgotten about it, I almost missed out on the opportunity to have loads of fun and torment my kids.

At the SAME TIME, which was a bonus.

There was, of course, the beginning which was me fighting with some stupid technical thing that made no sense and had appeared overnight, affording me bugger all time to fix it. Also, it stressed me the hell out.

Thus, lunches were late being made, and I needed a shower – a proper one, after last night’s basketball training efforts after which I had a brief rinse down – and to get dressed in something appropriate and find a bra.

Grumpy Pants and I had arranged to go for a coffee after school dropoff, and those plans changed about 27 times given how much I was struggling to have things run smoothly.

As it turned out, I managed to do all that needed doing and be out the door, on time, and to have a coffee with my beloved. A rare event, indeed.

I not only made it on time, but extremely early to the latest fun put on by Kids Business – a very special media and bloggers event at the new Emporium and specifically the Myer toy bit.



I’d’ve had a coffee when I got there, but was already well and truly caffienned out so didn’t bother.

I did, however, make sure I got a photo to prove that I mingle with some Awesomeness; like this snap of yours truly with Lucy/Wyld Style and Emmet from the LEGO Movie.


And, yes, I totally sent it to my eldest child, who was at school, missing out on all the fun that I was having. I may also have added the message “ner, ner” …

Anyhoo, the new toy space is also very awesome – everything was awesome!

It has lovely bright lights, common amongst all toy retailers, but differed in that the shelves were only just above head height (my head height, and I’m 5 foot 2) so you barely even needed to stand on tippy toes to see what it was you were wanting. Too easy to find stuff.

The spacing between the shelves is also quite wide, which means things like prams can get through without issue. It also does wonders for being able to grasp a running-away child and to adequately cater for Lying On The Floor Screaming Kicking Tantrums* without fear of knocking things off shelves.

I admit, I did hang around the Boy Bits (not penises – the bits that had toys and stuff aimed more at boys!) amongst

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