What? Me need sleep? I don't think so. Or is it "you" don't think so?

Not able to wait unitl Grumpy got home from work, I climbed into (my) bed with Monkey Boy.

Way better than an electric blanket. Except that he wriggles a lot.

Grumpy came home, I explained the day, showed him Monkey Boy’s red cheek and asked where he wanted to sleep. The main dilemma is that Chippie’s room is directly opposite ours, the lounge room is right down the other end of the house, I can sleep on the couch really well, but can’t be arsed walking the length of the house to attend and woken baby at Stupid O’Clock, and if I sleep down there, Grumpy will have to get up to attend to hm.


Tough one.

He took the couch. And it started …

Chippie woke at just past midnight. Required some minor assistance with resettling. Grumpy decided he couldnt’ sleep on couch, so climbed into bed. I was squished between the two.

Monkey Boy sat up at 2.03am and said “I feel like I’m going to vomit”. I pushed him gently and said “quick, move it, bathroom” and he said “But I feel sick. I think I’m going to vomit,”

Why do kids do that? Why waste valuable throwing up time explaining you’re going to do it, then doing it on your mother? Seriously?

Sorted. Sleep. Not me. Grumpy and Monkey Boy. One snoring one side of me, the other wriggling and being very hot and shiverring.

Lucky I was awake, because Chippie woke less than 3 hours later and needed a feed.

Not long after that, the three kids in the other room woke and started being noisy.

Monkey Boy’s temp had gone up again, so had to get up and get coffee.

Then, I was able to function somewhat vaguely and get him some panadol.

Still no idea what slap cheek is, or if he has it. But the redness has moved to the other cheek. And he’s started giving cheek. He must be getting better.

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  1. Oi!

    Kids and vomit, huh? I love the scene from Parenthood where Steve MArtin’s daughter says “I feel sick” and he says “What’s a matter, honey, do you wanna throw up?”

    “Ok,” she replies and does. On him. When asked by his wife why he’s just standing there, he responds, “I’m waiting for her head to spin around.”

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