What motivates you?

Sometimes, you can perform feats you didn’t know you were capable of.

All for the sake of the children microwave. And your own sanity.

We’d been out all morning. With a bunch of other mums and kids, where I had the privelege of being The Mum With the Horrible Child.


I’ve not really ever been in this situation before. Being THAT mum. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

My only consolation was that I was attuned to the fact that he wasn’t all that well and it was slightly out of character for him. He was also crying at the drop of a hat outside of being horrible.

We arrive home and he does his thing where he points and makes a weird noise. Sometimes it’s a cat’s meow. Sometimes a dinosaur roar. Sometimes that “ugh” noise they make that I really hate.

Today was a Fucking Annoying Noise.

Which I hate more than the “ugh”.

Fluctuating between really bloody annoyed and loving mother, I pick him up so he is nearer the place he is pointing to. I still have no idea what or where he wants to be, exactly, but I sense I’m in the vague area of his goal.

He opens a few cupboards (coffee beans, tea bags and mugs) (coffee plungers x 7) to his great dissatisfaction.

I’m unsure if it’s his disappointment, or his behaviour this morning was an indicator of what was about to come, but his stomach lurched and made a weird noise.

He was over the top of the microwave.

There are times I’m super impressed at how quickly a mind works.

In less than a second I:

  • had the “he’s gonna spew all over the microwave” thought
  • followed immediatley by “that’s gonna be a really horrible mess to clean up”
  • complete with visualisaton of spew down the sides, back and in the basket containing school notes, medicine cups, a broken keyring, the Baker’s Delight bags and my favourite watch that needs new batteries and has for three years now
  • during which time I grab him around the waist
  • twirl him around and across the kitchen
  • and his spew lands in the sink


I also entertained the “ooh, goody, I may

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